A Flood Led To Us Improving Our House

This past year our home was flooded with a tropical storm. It had been amazing just how much damage just six inches water could do. We wanted major repairs to the house, so we hired a specialist to complete what must be done. Since our home had been being labored on, my spouse and i made the decision to go forward making a couple of cosmetic changes that people had only spoken about prior to the ton happened.

The very first factor we made the decision to complete was add recessed lighting to the master bed room and our family room. It baffles me why the house builder forgot to add lighting to those two rooms, and that i had always hated how dark these were. We added six canned lights to the bed room, and 4 towards the family room. These rooms are extremely much better and that i want to be inside them now.

Next, we spoken to the contractor about knocking lower the wall between the kitchen at home and dining area. He verified the wall under consideration wasn't a lot-bearing wall, and lower it came. Instead of the wall our contractor extended the counter space and cabinets from your kitchen. Taking out the wall would be a huge improvement to the home. It opened up in the entire house with this one change. The kitchen at home had formerly been a dark, cramped place. It is now vibrant and welcoming, and you can talk between your kitchen and dining area.

Whenever we knocked lower the wall, we blocked 1 of 2 entrances somewhere from the kitchen. Rather from the extra entrance that was, quite honestly, stupid, we've something I'd only imagined of before - built-in bookshelf in the kitchen area. I've got a tremendous passion for cookbooks, that has brought to my large assortment of stated books. Now, I've got a spot to keep my cookbooks within my kitchen. Better still, a minimum of in my husband, it shelf has doorways so no one must take a look at my books unless of course they open the doorways. My books are securely hidden from view, which my hubby had lengthy wanted.

The final factor that people did was give a door between our master bed room and also the attached master bathroom. Which was the main one design flaw, for me, in the original builders. I usually hated the truth that the restroom brought directly into the bed room with no door. Don't misunderstand me, means by the rear was the bathroom . and shower area of the bathroom which were built with a door. However the spend the sinks didn't, so we could hear one another whenever we brushed our teeth or washed our hands. Adding a door was simple, yet has added many a great night's sleep to all of us.

As difficult as handling a ton was, it brought to all of us making do it yourself decisions that people otherwise might have never done. It had been our method of going for a bad factor and making it something good.