Home Improvement: Installing Floor Tile

Installing flooring in your home is a superb do it yourself project, and one that will provide a significant value towards the home. Quality made porcelain and ceramic flooring are extremely attractive, and therefore are extremely difficult to put on out when correctly looked after. Being an additional bonus, homeowners can work of putting in the tiles themselves. Any niche tools require to do the job could be rented in the local home improvement center, using the only additional tools needed will always be at work and persistence.

Installing Floor Tile

To start with, the homeowner must take away the existing flooring which can be carpeting, old tile, linoleum, or hardwood. This starts with taking out the baseboards that surround the area that'll be tile, together with doorjamb moldings. The substrate, (the ground underneath the flooring) must be stable and who is fit. The ground tiles are very hard and sturdy, but they are very brittle they are able to break easily, if there’s avoid within the substrate below.

If you are installing the brand new flooring tile on the wood floor, it must be stabilized. This may include the necessity to nail lower the present plywood, or add glue towards the joist below. When the substrate from the floor is stable it's time to take the next phase.

The simplest way to stabilize a plywood floor would be to install cement backer board. The manufacture shows that the homeowner glue the backer board before placing it into its proper position. Then, the backer board ought to be nailed towards the floor joist below using lengthy 2 inch or 2 ½ inch galvanized nails.


Design from the room is crucial for correct installing of flooring tile. Make sure to appraise the width and entire room to find out square ft. Having a chalk line, intersect two different lines to point the middle of the area. This can determine the width from the room, as the other determines the space. Make certain the line is square to one another, and they form an position of 90°.

Start by dry fitting the ground tile. What this means is lounging out just one row of floor tiling along both lines. Add spacers in between each ceramic tile to match grout. Using the proper layout you can start permanently setting the tile into position.


Cellular phone process is simple. Begin by mixing thin set mortar towards the consistency of peanut butter. Bring your notched trowel and spread the recently mixed thin set evenly on the rear of a couple of flooring tile. Take the correct quantity of your time to create the very first futile in position and use a firm quantity of downward pressure without pushing the mortar.

By beginning in the center of the area, and dealing toward the walls, it will likely be simpler to supply the preferred result. You’ll need top quality tile cutters or perhaps a rented tile saw to chop pieces to suit across the walls and entrance.

Following the mortar provides through the next morning, it may be stepped onto to use the grout.