Home Improvement - Painting 101

With regards to applying paint for your walls there are lots of things to obtain your walls searching their finest. The next article will talk about steps to make your walls look their finest next time you paint. Continue studying for expert tips to obtain your walls ready for any new coat of paint.

Remove All Nails Out Of Your Walls

Prior to starting any painting project, you ought to get your walls ready for that paint. The initial step in wall preparation would be to remove all photographs and shelves out of your walls. Then, you will have to remove all of the nails out of your walls. Taking out the nails will make sure that you can rapidly and effortlessly roll the primer and paint on your walls.

Cover Any Holes

Once all of the nails are removed, it's time to begin filling the nail holes. This can be done having a bucket of joint compound along with a putty knife. To fill the holes simply get a tiny bit of joint compound in your putty knife and press in to the hole. Then, bring your putty knife and lightly scrape within the place to take away the excess joint compound. Let it dry completely. Then, lightly remove any excess joint compound in the wall utilizing a moist rag.


All traces of oil ought to be taken off your walls before painting. To make sure that your walls are prepared for paint, wash your walls utilizing a degreaser. Once you have washed your walls, rinse them well and permit to dry completely prior to starting to color.


Priming your walls with a decent primer may be the first type of defense for beautiful walls. For the best results, apply a minimum of two jackets of primer for your walls before painting. Each coat of primer ought to be permitted to dry for at least 4 hrs before you apply the following coat. Furthermore, gently sanding your walls after each coat of primer can help be sure that your walls are perfectly smooth.

Painting Supplies

The time has come to start gathering your painting supplies. You'll need several old rags to wash up any spills. Also, get a number of brushes. These brushes will include a 4 inch wide brush to assist trim out across the baseboards and ceilings. Additionally, you will require an angled brush to trim out around home windows and door frames. Next, you may need a top quality roller plus a paint tray. Lots of people also prefer to possess a flowing spout for the top of the their paint can. A spout enables you to definitely pour the paint without accidentally spilling any. Finally, you'll need whether painter's tarp or perhaps an old sheet to safeguard your floors from the drips.

Once you have done these steps and collected your painting supplies, you are prepared to start painting your walls. Invite a couple of buddies over and fire up radio stations to assist your painting day pass rapidly. You'll be rewarded with freshly colored walls along with a beautiful interior.