Adventure High Walkthrough 0 46

The current version is 0 60. Routes with complete after them means that the route is finished and is either a sub route or leads to a ng.

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Do not edit it unless you re the admin or a mod unless you re just planning on adding your own walkthrough.

Adventure high walkthrough 0 46. It s possible that more will be added to them in the future but it s unlikely. If you want to support development you can also become a supporter on his subscribestar. 1 all unwilling slaves and spells 1 1 guide conventions 1 2 starting the game 1 3 delving the dungeon 1st note 1 4 dating sarah 2nd note 1 5 so much random 1 6 monster hunting 3rd 4th and 5th notes 1 7 charming the teachers 6th notes 1 8 delving deeper 7th and 8th notes 1 9 filling the harem 9th note 1 10 the soulless 10th note this is a guide to getting all slaves and spells.

The version is based of the public update meaning it s updated. 1 notes 2 fresh 2 1 full walkthrough 2 2 partial walkthrough 3 outdated 3 1 full walkthrough 3 2 partial walkthrough 4 ancient 4 1 full. Be warned it is not complete due to the massive amount of routes.

Note that this is just a general outline for each route. Challenging him into a duel with you in the first floor of the dungeon while neglecting to mention that all of your slaves will be ready at a moment s notice for you to give the command to take him out. This is a disambiguation page information page.

It is very much nsfw not safe for work. Share author comments. It is not the same as a.

This is a very good game and i am also very suprised by how recent this version of the game was. Cassandra is a playable character in adventure high. The reason you should support him there instead of.

However the number on the top rite of the title screen reveals that it is the correct one. Regarding taking down mr. Note that the routes will not explain how to complete a route the pages are retellings of what happens during the route giving you a rough idea.

Whenever the new public release is out. The walkthrough written by the wiki admin furukawa. She is a blue loving mage who cares little for other kinds of magic and prefers to simply burn stuff to the ground.

While she can deal some damage her spell list implies that she relied on the confusion spell or teammates similar to the protagonist to defeat their enemies. She first encounters the protagonist in drape s classroom where she. Possible suggestions and ideas for adventure high.

Routes with bonus before them means that they re not an actual route and is more. There s several routes and as such several ways to play in adventure high. Sarah the destructive mage edit edit source.

Cassandra the manipulative mage edit edit source. This is a wiki regarding the game adventure high by doug byrd a k a changer. She has the lowest possible starting affection towards the protagonist but is easy to increase to 1 heart.

Or post a walkthrough. Sarah is a playable character in adventure high. Five stars for you.

I found the walkthrough and due to the immense help i am happy. Drape in the tp and fc plotlines. Refer to each route s specific page to be added for more in depth information.

There s currently two ways of unlocking her. Before posting updating your own walkthrough make sure to read the walkthrough guidelines first.

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