Balloon Flower Root

Good quality balloon flower root is thick and white with a bitter taste. Best used for lung diseases.

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It grows up to 50 cm.

Balloon flower root. Balloon flower is a plant. It grows in a tropical climate. The active ingredients acts quickly on various parts of the body providing both internal and external pain relief.

Due to its general analgesic qualities balloon flower root has often been prescribed for general pain and inflammation such as that following an injury or surgery as well as for patients that suffer from gout arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. Syrup made from the root called doraji cheong balloon flower root honey can be used to make doraji cha balloon flower root tea. In parts of asia balloon flower roots have been used for many years to treat a range or respiratory complaints.

The use of balloon flower in herbal medicine is primarily associated with lung and throat related ailments and the herb is often combined with chinese licorice glycyrrhiza uralensis in that regard. Ku jie geng meridians associated. The root can be used to infuse liquor called doraji sul typically using distilled soju or other unflavored hard alcohol that has an abv higher than 30 as a base.

Astringent anti inflammatory digestive expectorant antitussive analgesic antibacterial and slightly sedative. Balloon flower gets its name from its balloon like buds that open to form flaring bell shaped flowers with five lobes. Bai jie geng jie geng balloon flower root.

Older basal leaves are also said to be slightly toxic. Roots that are thin with a yellow or grey hue are poor quality. It belongs to campanulaceae family.

The root of balloon flower is considered to have the following health properties. In china the herb is used as a natural expectorant to treat colds sore throats coughs chest congestion and tonsillitis. Balloon flower root.

In korea balloon flower root is used as a remedy for bronchitis asthma and pulmonary tuberculosis.

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