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Genus moluccella are erect annuals with opposite scalloped broadly ovate leaves and dense spikes of small 2 lipped flowers with large bell shaped calyces. Useful for dried flower arrangement.

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Bells of ireland molucella laevis are also known as mulucca bells or shell flowers they are one of the herbaceous plants that complete its life cycle within a year.

Bells of ireland flower. Load more products. When using for cut flower material remove the leaves to avoid allergic reactions or rashes. The rounded leaves are pale green.

As members of the lamiaceae family they are related to such ornamental and culinary plants as sage salvia. Mostly as a cut flower bells of ireland also makes a stunning accent plant in a mixed border or in a container garden. Despite their name these flowers are actually native to areas syria turkey and the caucasus.

Bells of ireland grows well in cool. Always a standout among garden plants bells of ireland sports green bell shape calyxes on long stringy stems. Florists love bells of ireland for their availability and longevity and you ll see them used in wedding flower arrangements as often as in st.

The foliage on bells of ireland is prickly and can be irritating to the skin. Bells of ireland flowers also known by their scientific name moluccella laevis are one of only four species found in the genus moluccella which is a member of the family lamiaceae. The showy calyxes aren t the outer whorl of this annual s true flowers which are tiny white and often fragrant.

Before green flowers became a hot trend there were bells of ireland a flower in cultivation since the 1500s. This will also allow for the beautiful green bells to show much better. Bells of ireland moluccella laevis annual plant in the mint family lamiaceae grown as a garden curiosity for its green floral spikes.

In the language of flowers it represents luck. Bells of ireland is native to western asia and is commonly used in the floral industry as a fresh or dried flower. The tiny white flowers are surrounded by apple green calyces which are persistent.

The plant is characterized by its aromatic scent and enlarged calyxes in bell shapes as the name suggests. Laevis is a upright annual to 90cm tall with bluntly toothed ovate leaves and in late summer long spikes of small 2 lipped white or pale pink flowers each. Bells of ireland if a variety of green flowers from our wholesale flowers collection that is really good for wedding decorations flower arrangements happy birthday flowers wedding flowers christmas centerpiece baby shower centerpieces and a whole lot more.

Moluccella laevis the bells of ireland bells of ireland molucca balmis shellflower or shell flower is a summer flowering annual native to turkey syria and the caucasus it is cultivated for its spikes of flowers.

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