Blue Periwinkle Flower

Hikes up to feet its long trailing stems spread. This complicated flower has several layers of petals that can range in color.

Periwinkle Blue Blu Pervinca Periwinkle Flowers Periwinkle Blue Blue Flowers

With its glossy evergreen leaves and cheerful blue star like flowers it can really brighten up a shady corner in your garden.

Blue periwinkle flower. In this comprehensive and detailed guide you will find a list of flower types big and small that have all kinds of blue colors including navy blue dark and light blue. Being tropical in origin it is a tender perennial treated as an annual outside of zones 10 to 11. Bluecrown passionflower passiflora caerulea.

Leave no ground uncovered with the mighty periwinkle. Big periwinkles about 1 1. It produces magenta red flowers.

Most periwinkle flowers are light purple or lavender colors. Periwinkle is a color in the blue and violet family. The plants establish and grow quickly with remarkable tolerance to poor soils unfavorable weather conditions and even mechanical damage.

If you don t know what the periwinkle plant looks like these pictures will be helpful. Periwinkle is a very popular ground cover due to its glossy evergreen leaves and bright starry blue flowers. Jaio dark red jaio dark reeds go to a height of about one foot.

What does blue color even mean. The color periwinkle is also called lavender blue. The bluecrown passionflower is native to south america and is a vigorous tendril vine that can grow 33 feet or more.

This vigorous trailing plant can easily tackle any tricky shady situation and happily cover your planting space. Vinca major with the common names bigleaf periwinkle large periwinkle greater periwinkle and blue periwinkle is a species of flowering plant in the family apocynaceae native to the western mediterranean. This short bush forms pretty and fragrant blue flowers that have the color of the.

These plants produce blue flowers from spring to autumn. Its name is derived from the lesser periwinkle or myrtle herb vinca minor which bears flowers of the same color. The color periwinkle may be considered a pale tint of blue or a pastel blue.

What kind of flowers are naturally blue. Although non invasive it is a vining plant and grows up to 12 inches wide making it perfect for a border or at the base of a shrub. Also called the wine vinca this periwinkle consists of large burgundy blooms that bloom starting from april to september when they bloom sporadically.

Despite having a similar name and flowers that have a similar shape madagascar periwinkle is quite different from these two plants. It is also different in that it is most often treated as a bedding plant and is grown in full sun the species plant grows to 6 to 18 inches tall with a similar. With dainty soft purple or blue flowers and waxy looking leaves the periwinkle plants look pretty but are quite invasive in many parts of the country.

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