Chinese New Year Food List

White cut chicken is a popular new years dish as the white symbolizes purity. Not only do the dishes themselves matter but also the preparation and ways of serving and eating mean a lot.

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The longer the noodle the longer your life will be.

Chinese new year food list. This calls for a lot of slurping. They are also called 长寿面 cháng shòu miàn which means longevity noodles you aren t allowed to cut them and should try not to chew either. To add some color to the dish you can garnish with fresh scallions.

The most common chinese new year foods include dumplings fish spring rolls and niangao. Typically to usher in the lunar new year chinese families prepare certain lucky food items for dinner to bring in good fortune and wealth for the year ahead. Last but definitely not the least noodles are another staple in the table during chinese new year s eve dinner.

The traditional lucky food for chinese new year include dumplings fish glutinous rice balls noodles wontons spring rolls and glutinous rice cake. In this recipe chicken is poached in ginger garlic rice wine broth and then left to sit for several hours until it turns white. Chinese new year food you must try.

Pin it for later. Noodles are commonly served with dumplings and are referred to as gold silk and gold ingots expressing wishes for wealth and prosperity. Especially for the chinese new year extra long noodles are served as symbols of longevity.

Food for chinese new year. For chinese new year people like to eat long noodles. We ve rounded up 7 essential chinese or lunar new year dishes and included the symbolism behind them all.

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