Cleome Spider Flower

Cleome plants are native to south america with 19 species. Cleome flowers are excellent candidates for the back of the flower border where their lanky stems can hide behind other plants but their festive flower clusters can sway in the breeze above other flowering annuals.

Prickly Spider Flower Or Pink Queen Or Cleome But In Fact Cleome Flowers Annual Flowers Flower Seeds

It has also been introduced to south asia including the haor area of bangladesh.

Cleome spider flower. Plant cleomes in clusters of five plants or more to avoid the soldiers in a row visual that single plants suggest. It is grown as an annual in most us growing zones though it is perennial in usda hardiness zones 10 and 11. Spinosa is a common annual flower from south america paraguay uruguay argentina and southern brazil that also goes by other common names including spider legs and grandfather s whiskers.

Cleome is a genus of about 170 species in the caper family capparaceae. Long seed pods develop as the upright flower blooms grow progressing up the stem and giving it the appearance of spider legs. Cleome spider flowers have been around for a long time.

They are right at home in your flower garden or grown as a wildflower. They rise above a handsome foliage of aromatic palmate green leaves with a spine at the base of each leaf. This plant produces an elegant display of spider like flowers.

But they ve always seemed to get a bad wrap thorns sticky cleome leaves and stems nauseating fragrance. Check out the video to see what has changed in the world of cleome. Hasslerana or by the synonym c.

Spinosa is a favorite in southern gardens the delicate pink rose purple white or bicolor spider like flowers along with the spidery seedpods give it the common name spider flower. An easily grown annual native to south america cleome cleome hassleriana synonym c. To the rescue newer cultivars like senorita rosalita cleome.

Cleome hassleriana commonly known as spider flower spider plant pink queen or grandfather s whiskers is a species of flowering plant in the genus cleome of the family cleomaceae native to southern south america in argentina paraguay uruguay and southeast brazil. Spider flowers have. It is an annual growing to a height of 150.

Spider flower cleome hassleriana sometimes referred to incorrectly as c. Cleome sometimes called spider flower spider plant not to be confused with chlorophytum comosum or grandfather s whiskers will typically reach a height of up to five feet though dwarf cultivars exist. Adding a delicate airiness to borders cleome hassleriana spider flower is a fast growing annual plant with dramatic large loose balls of sweetly fragrant flowers with fascinating long stamens that protrude out giving them a spider like look.

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