Costa Rica National Flower

Guaria morada is in spanish language it is also called the purple country girl. Skinneriis the species of the costa rica s national flower.

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The national flower of costa rica is the guaria morada or purple girl.

Costa rica national flower. National flower of costa rica. Its flowering extends between january and march and measures about 50 cm high. It comes from the orchidaceae family which sub family isepidendroideae.

Lets looks into its long history where to find it and how the guaria morada became the national flower of costa rica. It is a beautiful purple orchid one of many different types of orchids that can be found throughout the country. Guaria moradais the national flower of costa rica.

Costa rica s national flower the guaria morada guarianthe skinneri is an exquisite orchid known for its purple hues and diamond like shimmer. March is the month in wich you can find out more of them. Costa rica has a national treasure that is not an animal.

The guaria morada cattleya skinnier is the costa rica national flower. The plant which blooms from january through april was designated as costa rica s national flower on june 15 1939. The orchidaceae family is the plant kingdom with about 800 genera and 28 000 species distributed in every continent.

Out of the 1 500 orchid species found in costa rica it was the one designated as the country s national flower. It is commonly known as guarantheskinneri. It is called purple in reference to the purple color of its flowers which are similar to blackberries it has large flowers and broad petals it has a leaf that leaves the apex of the pseudobulb.

Cattleya is the genus and c. Orquids are costa rica s national flower.

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