February Birth Month Flower

The february birth month flowers a re the violet and the primrose. In flower symbolism violets are gifted to a lover to his sweetheart as a way of informing her that he will always stay true to their love.

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Violets signify watchfulness loyalty and faithfulness.

February birth month flower. While many relate red roses with february thanks to valentine s day on the 14th the violet is actually the february birth flower. March daffodil jonquil the march birth flowers are the daffodil and the jonquil. February birth month flower.

There are two february birth flowers the violet and the primrose. Give a violet to someone to let them know you ll always be there for them. The other february birth flower is the primrose which lets someone know you can t live without them.

Violet violets have come to symbolize faithfulness and loyalty. This purple hued bloom is a symbol of modesty faithfulness and virtue. This is a low herbaceous plant that comes in various shades of blue mauve yellow and cream as well as several species identified as pansies and symbolize faithfulness humility and chastity.

Violet flowers are associated with faithfulness infatuation and chastity. This famed ornamental blooms in several colors including blue purple yellow white orange red pink brown and even black. The elegant iris flower is one of the birthday flowers for february which seems really appropriate since it is also the symbolic flower of the greek goddess and messenger of love iris.

Learn more on the february birth flowers page. Grow these beautiful delicate blooms indoors until you can move them outdoors when the snow melts. The february birth flowers are the violet and primrose.

The february flower is violet. The birth flower for february is violet. Violet and primrose february s birth flowers are the violet and primrose.

Flowers by month is a term describing flowers related to a recipient s birth month and in general flowers associated with particular months of the year. As you d expect from the name purple is the most common color which plays off the hue of february s birthstone amethyst. Every month has a flower that is sometimes referred to as a birth month flower.

The violet has appeared in myth paintings and literature in history. Folklore tells us that attis a.

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