Flower Hat Jellyfish

Yellow orange peach pink purple green and blue. The flower hat jelly is a fairly rare jellyfish.

Flower Hat Jelly Olindias Formosa Occurring In The West Pacific Off Southern Japan This Jelly I Deep Sea Creatures Beautiful Sea Creatures Ocean Creatures

Its remarkable tentacles also serve a dual function for feeding.

Flower hat jellyfish. At the time aquarists tried to mate and culture the species. Flower hat jellies occur in the northwestern pacific off central and southern japan and south korea s jeju island. The flower hat jellyfish primarily feeds upon a variety of species of small fish.

Although they look like a jellyfish they actually belong in the class hydrozoa while true jellyfish belong in class scyphozoa. They are mainly found off the coast of brazil argentina and southern japan. The flower hat jelly looks a lot like a hat with flowers on it hence the name.

They are invertebrates that live in coastal waters. It can be characterised by its beautiful colours varying from mixes of. Scientists at the aquarium first brought a group of flower hat jellies back from japan in 2002 for an exhibit on jellyfish.

These jellies are a type of stinger that eats small fish and get bigger the more they eat. Flower hat jellies are a rare helpful species of jellyfish and one of the most beautiful jellyfish in the world. Finally its lifespan only averages about 4 6 months.

The flower hat jelly olindias formosus is a species of hydrozoan in the family olindiidae. Most also occasionally consume small marine invertebrates which it typically scoops from the ocean floor.

This Is The Rather Rare Flower Hat Jellyfish Olindias Formosa When It S Not Using Its Long Pink Tipped Tentacles I Jellyfish Ocean Creatures Sea Creatures

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