Green Bird Flower

It is pollinated by large bees and by honeyeaters citation needed. Australian native small shrub in the pea family occuring naturally everywhere except the red centre and top end of wa.

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It is a species native to inland northern australia.

Green bird flower. Other habitats throughout its range include stabilised red sand dunes and ridges with deep soils stony hills sand in rock crevices seaside dunes with spinifex a disturbed vine thicket river banks in heavy loam soil dry sandy creek beds and riparian woodland. Known by the common names green birdflower or regal birdflower the crotalaria cunninghamii is native to inland northern australia. The yellow flower that got everyone s attention is actually crotalaria cunninghamii although the latin name might be quite a challenge to pronounce and memorize that s why people also refer to it as green birdflower or regal birdflower.

This is crotalaria cunninghamii or green birdflower and you can see where it gets its common name flowers that look like little bird s beaks. Crotalaria cunninghamii green birdflower regal birdflower description. It s a short lived perennial.

Part of the fabaceae family known as the legume family the green birdflower is related to herbaceous plants such as chickpeas soybeans and alfalfa. Clusters of large chartreuse green flowers looking like birds feeding on the central stem appear in winter spring. A green birdflower is most commonly found in sand dunes and in mulga communities defined as plants that capture retain and cycle precious sediments nutrients and water if you can t wait to.

It is native to and widespread in inland northern australia. 200pcs hibiscus seeds 24kinds hibiscus rosa sinensis flower seeds hibiscus tree seeds for flower potted plants 25 white japanese lilac seeds extremely fragrant package of 30 000 seeds bird and butterfly wildflower mixture 100 pure live seed non gmo seeds by seed needs. It is a coloniser of unstable sand dunes along beaches and in mulga communities.

Crotalaria cunninghamii also known as green birdflower or regal birdflower is a plant of the legume family fabaceae named after early 19th century botanist allan cunningham. Green bird flower is usually found in mulga communities or on unstable sand dunes particularly on the dune crests.

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