Hookers Lips Flower

Palicourea elata formerly psychotria elata commonly known as hot lips and labios de puta is a tropical plant that ranges from central to south american rain forests in countries such as mexico costa rica ecuador panama and colombia. It s basically a small tree that has some very impressive red flowers.

This Is Genuinely A Real Flower Psychotria Elata Also Known As Hookers Lips Hot Lips Plant Amazing Flowers Plants

You can find this plant in costa rica and columbia.

Hookers lips flower. Palicourea elata is extremely sensitive and requires specific climates to grow those climates most like rainforests are best suitable for this plant. Believe it or not though the highly distinctive shape actually does serve an important purpose. Hooker s lips facts most notably the incredible plant bearing the common name of hooker s lips plant only maintains this unique shape for a brief time.

So if ever you want to plant a kiss on mother nature you find yourself plant hot lips and do it while you still can. These lips belong to a plant with the scientific name psychotria elata or commonly known as the hooker s lips. But there s a flower that ll be nice enough to meet you or maybe kiss you with its luscious red lips.

The details included in here is so amazing that you do believe these are the lips of a woman and not the way this plant looks. There are the boring and the colorful flowers plus the ones that don t look acceptable at all just like when you see the uninviting smiles of a venus flytrap. Hooker s lips the world s most kissable plant tin 10 03 am.

The hooker s lips plant actually seems to be pretty similar to some very large lips. In addition to being a conversation starter the astonishing species plays its own vital role in its environment. Affectionately known as molly lips unusual flowers are unfortunately become endangered due to uncontrolled deforestation in the countries mentioned above.

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