Japan New Year Holiday Period

The new year period is an extended national holiday in japan with many people usually travelling back to their hometowns and spending time with family and friends. The japanese government s go to travel campaign has been suspended for the new year s holidays from dec.

Convenience stores however will mostly stay open during the holiday period.

Japan new year holiday period. Prior to the meiji period the date of the japanese new year had been based on japanese versions of lunisolar calendar the last of which was the tenpō calendar and prior to jōkyō calendar the chinese version however in 1873 five years after the meiji restoration japan adopted the gregorian calendar and the first day of january became the official and cultural new year s day. But despite the date change japanese continued to keep older traditions in celebrating new year s day on 1 january. These include the annual white glove cleaning of the family home giving small sums of money in an envelope to kids and visiting the first shrine of the year on anywhere from the first to the third of january.

Japan to tighten entry from britain over new coronavirus strain japan s coronavirus death toll tops 3 000 tokyo gov. A move by japan to suspend a controversial travel campaign could result in a 860 million hit to projected domestic spending over the prime new year holiday period researchers said. Some seven eleven japan co.

Coming of age day. Kimono clad tourists wearing protective face masks are seen at a temple in tokyo. Yuriko koike has urged people to take increased anti virus measures during the year end and new year holiday period including refraining from unnecessary outings.

Governor yuriko koike said the new year s holiday period would be a very important juncture that would predict the future of tokyo in 2021 and asked residents to avoid going out during. January 2 bank holiday. Domestic and international travel activity is intense during the new year holidays as many people visit their families on the countryside or undertake domestic or overseas trips.

January 3 bank holiday. Stores closed or shortened their operating hours for new year s day. Travel activity is usually particularly intense from december 29 to december 31 when many urbanites leave the big cities especially tokyo and from january 2 to january 4 when they return home.

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