Lava Flow Drink

This lava flow recipe is creamy and smooth with strawberries coconut and pineapple flavors for a refreshing tropical drink. Lava flow cocktail recipe makes four 8oz cocktails two 16oz 2 cups frozen strawberries 4 oz light rum 4 oz coconut rum.

Loved Lava Flows In Hawaii Make The Colorful Cocktail At Home Recipe Tropical Drink Recipes Fruity Cocktails Tropical Drink

The blended drink is perhaps heavy and sweet for some tastes so we contacted hawaii s tropical cocktail guru joey gottesman of the royal hawaiian hotel in waikiki for his recipe which we thought might be more refreshing.

Lava flow drink. The three common ingredients between these two tropical drinks are rum pineapple juice and cream of coconut. Pour both blends into a tall glass from opposite sides. Rinse out blender then puree banana pineapple juice and cream of coconut until smooth.

This was my first real lava flow cocktail. Place strawberries light rum and dark rum into a blender. Virgin and non virgin recipes included.

Alas i was given a non alcohol version still tasty nonetheless. Slowly pour the coconut pineapple mixture into the serving glass and watch the flow flow effect happen. Also knowns as strawberry pina colada this small batch hawaiian drink recipe for two makes an impressive romantic date night drink.

The lava flow recipe is similar to the most iconic tropical drink the pina colada. Adding two fresh fruits and a special pouring procedure is what punches up the pina colada into the lava flow recipe. The lava flow at the airport and most other places is a drink made in a blender a colorful variation on a pina colada.

Puree until smooth and pour into a tall glass. Slowly pour the banana mixture into the strawberry mixture and watch the lava rise. Lava flow is a tropical drink that mixes pineapple coconut and strawberries to create a sweet delicious and refreshing drink.

One sip will transport you to a beautiful tropical island. Blend banana coconut cream and pineapple juice in blender with ice. It s like paradise in a glass.

Divide the strawberry rum puree among four serving glasses. 1 ripe banana 6 oz unsweetened pineapple juice refrigerated 2 oz heavy syrup from canned pineapple 8 oz cream of coconut pineapple fresh strawberries or watermelon to garnish. The lava flow is made with light rum and uses fruit to create two distinct layers of color and flavor that flow and combine together thanks to the difference in their density.

The last time i went to hawaii i just two years shy of the legal drinking age. Blend the two rums and strawberries in a blender. Remove the blended strawberry mixture to a pitcher or mixing glass and rinse the blender container.

What is a lava flow drink. Festive and beautiful it is usually garnished with fresh fruit.

Loved Lava Flows In Hawaii Make The Colorful Cocktail At Home Recipe Fun Drinks Coconut Rum Tropical Drink

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