Light Period Flow

A light period may mean there is a medical problem pregnancy or unstable hormones. Many factors can affect the flow of periods including diet exercise and health conditions.

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Normal period flow is between 5 ml to 80 ml per period.

Light period flow. A light period is usually defined as losing less than 30 to 35ml blood during your period. Bleeding less than you normally do or less than the average 2 to 3 tablespoons flow is light enough for a panty liner or fewer pads and tampons than usual. If your period blood loss is more than 80mls your period is abnormally heavy.

A light period is when someone has less menstrual blood or a shorter period than usual. What s considered a light period. The menstrual cycle starts on the first day of your period and the menstrual flow occurs every 21 to 35 days.

Polycystic ovary syndrome and issues with reproductive organs can lead to irregular periods. Many factors could play a role as to why you are experiencing a trickle when you normally experience a flow. This is characterized either by less flow during period or shorter duration than their normal period.

Light period or scant period refers to the condition wherein a woman s menstrual cycle is abnormal. A light period can mean that you are pregnant but that is not the only reason your period may be light. According to doctors from the mayo clinic the amount and consistency of the menstrual flow can differ from woman to woman.

So it s also worth considering how heavy your normal periods are to gauge whether your flow is light. Light periods defined. A light period could be a sign of problems with hormone levels or another medical condition.

A light period also called hypomenorrhoea might seem like a good thing but a lighter flow could also mean something s off with your body. Some women even experience both shorter days of menstrual period and less menstrual flow. Signs of a light period are.

Birth control may affect the heaviness of your period. However if your period blood loss is less than 20mls then you have a very light period. Normal blood loss during period is between 40 to 60mls in most women.

Some women naturally have a light period flow and for them a watery period can be normal.

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