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How to clean mass air flow sensor in your car. Mass air flow sensor cleaning.

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A faulty maf sensor can cause your vehicle to run too rich or run too lean.

Mass air flow sensor autozone. This information is sent to the car s computer which controls the fuel injection and ignition systems. The mass air flow maf sensor plays a critical role within the fuel management system to ensure the ratio is correct. Delphi af10043 mass air flow sensor product overview of delphi mass air flow sensor maf featuring top class sensing elements delphi af10043 ensures incredible performance over a wide range of functional temperatures.

Put a stop to engine hiccups and stabilize your engine s air fuel mixture with a new mass air flow sensor maf from autozone. The mass air flow maf sensor part of your vehicle s electronic fuel injection system is responsible for calculating the total amount of air entering the engine. The maf sensor monitors the temperature and amount of air entering your engine.

You ll notice if the tailpipes eject black smoke or when the engine runs rough or backfires. Never do this when cleaning your mass air flow sensor diy with scotty kilmer. Every single part is tested after proper calibration matches the oe standards quite well.

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