Normal Peak Flow

The most important thing is whether your score is normal for you. 80 to 100 percent of your usual or normal peak flow rate signals all clear.

Appendix 3 Tables Of Normal Peak Flow Values Asthma Treatment Asthma Asthma Inhaler

These readings are categorized in the green peak flow zone which indicates stable lung function.

Normal peak flow. This zone indicates a worsening in lung function. Predictive normal values have been calculated for women and men of different ages and heights and have been adapted with agreement from the original authors for use with the new eu scale en 23747 peak flow meters. The pefr test is also called peak flow.

Your healthcare provider may suggest other zones to follow. Keep in mind that recognizing changes from normal is important. 5 what is a normal peak flow.

Women can have peak flow values as low as 80 liters minute less than the average value shown and still fall within the normal range. For the pefr test to be useful you must keep continuous records. Men can have peak flow values as low as 100 liters minute less than the average value shown and still fall within the normal range.

Werner on normal peak flow. However if your symptoms persist your doctor should consider other causes including non physical. Let s take for instance the case of a female aged 32 with a height of 175cm.

His predicted peak flow value would be 639 948 l min. The results suggest that you dont have significant cardiopulmonary illness. Normal adult peak flow scores range between around 400 and 700 litres per minute although scores in older women can be lower and still be normal.

Measuring your peak flow when you feel well will establish your normal or best peak. In general a normal peak flow rate can vary as much as 20 percent. Normal readings of peak flow meters are within 80 100 of the baseline reading.

It is important to remember that everyone is different and you should be guided by what is normal for you. A chart called a nomogram can be used to estimate your predicted peak flow if you are male or female your age and height. Be aware of the following general guidelines.

Or in the case of a male aged 27 with a height of 186 cm. When the readings are between 50 and 80 of the baseline reading they are categorized in the yellow peak flow zone. Her estimated peak flow value would be 467 4 l min.

Helpful trusted answers from doctors. This test is commonly performed at home with a handheld device called a peak flow monitor. But if he already has a measured peak flow of 568 l min the percentage is 88 76.

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