On Period But No Blood Flow

You could have an imperforate hymen if you ve never had a period and. I have taken a pregnancy test and it was negative.

What Does Your Menstrual Cycle Say About Your Health Menstrual Cycle Heavy Period With Clots Period With Clots

It s not that heavy it s very.

On period but no blood flow. If you have anemia you don t have. Because menstruation blood the short answer is that you most likely won t have a period without blood though it is possible. It s a very common condition among girls and women and in many cases not a reason to worry.

Retained menstruation occurs when a woman has normal periods but the menstrual blood is unable to flow out due to an obstruction in the genital tract. Losing more than the typical two to three tablespoons of blood during your period or bleeding for longer than seven days can lead to anemia the cdc says. This is especially true if the timing coincides with your expected period but you have no spotting or flow of blood.

No blood comes out on the pad when i look at it but when i wipe my vagina it s bright red blood. Talk about it here. It could be worth seeing a gynecologist.

I went off bc for 2 months because i made me gain 20lbs so my boyfriend and i have been using condoms. Cryptomenorrhea is the medical term for menstrual blood that is unable to exit the female body. This is also known as genital tract outflow obstruction.

The condition of extremely light periods or scanty menstrual flow is medically known as hypomenorrhea. Cramping but no period can happen at anytime with a range of mild to life threatening health conditions. No blood on pad but when i wipe.

An unusually heavy period can also be cause for concern while most periods produce between 30 to 50 milliliters of blood a person with hypomenorrhea makes substantially less than 30 milliliters. Seventeen talked to dr. That time of the month.

Blood on cervix during period but no flow a 47 year old female asked. Natasha bhuyan family physician at one. No blood comes out on the pad when i look at it but when i wipe my vagina it s bright red blood.

I am 47 and years ago i had leep done twice on cervix in the the last 3 months i ve noticed old rotten extremely smelling blood during period and off a few times it s so strong others can smell it. If you have some sort of physical symptoms that would normally be associated with menstruation but see no blood it could be many things. If you are experiencing cramping in your lower abdominal region it usually indicates an underlying health issue.

I have period like symptoms and it feels like i am bleeding but when i check there is nothing. I am having exactly the same problem. We know how you feel.

I think maybe i am so stressed about not having my period i have delayed it even longer.

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