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The ovule is made up of the nucellus the integuments that form the outermost layer and the female gametophyte called an embryo sac in flowering plants which are found at the very center. In flowering plants the ovule is located inside the portion of the flower called the gynoecium the ovary of the gynoecium produces one or more ovules and ultimately becomes the fruit wall.

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The ovule is a part of a plant which also refers to as megasporangium that forms megaspores which finally develops into a seed after the process of fertilization.

Ovule of a flower. The region where the nucellus integuments and funicle unite is termed the chalaza fig. Different patterns of ovule attachment or placentation. Primordia are initiated as small swellings in the placenta.

Ovules are attached to the placenta in the ovary through a stalk like structure known as a funiculus plural funiculi. A mature ovule consists of a food tissue covered by one or two future seed coats known as integuments. Location within the plant.

Ovule plant structure that develops into a seed when fertilized. Plant systematics second edition 2010. The micropyle is a narrow.

Ovules are immature seeds consisting of a stalk the funiculus a megasporangium also called the nucellus from which develops the megasporocyte and female gametophyte plus one or two surrounding integuments. The megasporangium is present inside the base of the ovary which extends and give rise to the stalk like structure called style and finally opens into the stigma. The ovule consists of a nucellus which bears the embryo sac enclosed by one or two inner and outer integuments figs 5 13 5 15.

A small opening the micropyle in the integuments permits the pollen tube to enter and discharge its sperm nuclei into the embryo sac a large oval cell in which fertilization and development occur.

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