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Stuck between edwin epps and mistress epps patsey is constantly beaten and punished for one thing or another. Solomon northup s slave narrative twelve years a slave.

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Twelve years a slave is an 1853 memoir and slave narrative by american solomon northup as told to and edited by david wilson northup a black man who was born free in new york state details his being tricked to go to washington d c where he was kidnapped and sold into slavery in the deep south he was in bondage for 12 years in louisiana before he was able to secretly get information to.

Patsey 12 years a slave book. She was a victim of repeated rapings by edwin epps and also of the jealous cruelty of epps wife. With 12 years a slave putting solomon northup s story in the spotlight katie calautti attempts to discover the fate of patsey and learns just how impossible it can be to find one woman when that. Northup ends this chapter by telling of epps oldest son a boy about 10 or 12 years old.

An admirer of his father the boy gleefully rides into the cotton fields with a whip in his hand often beating and cursing the slaves while his father looks on laughing. Naturally a joyous creature a laughing lighthearted girl frequent beatings and abuse made her despondent and suicidal as the years went on. Patsey was an african american enslaved woman who lived in the mid 19th century.

About 8 000 copies were sold in the first month and several subsequent editions appeared until it finally went out of print in 1856. Cephas parker and mr. Patsey is a twenty three year old beautiful slave girl belonging to edwin epps.

Another enslaved person solomon northup who was later freed wrote about her in his book twelve years a slave. Patsey a 23 year old black slave of edwin epps and the most tragic figure in 12 years a slave. Solomon writes of purchasing items from storekeepers mr.

The book remained out of print until i completed the first modern edition in 1968 following decades of research 4. Narrative of a citizen of new york solomon northup kidnapped in washington city in 1841 rescued in 1853 from a cotton plantation near the red river in louisiana achieved a remarkable degree of success as an abolitionist indictment against slavery. William perry who would later be helpful in delivering him from slavery.

The book was later adapted into a film in which she was portrayed by lupita nyong o who won the academy award for best supporting actress for her performance. 12 years a slave the couple and their three children moved to saratoga springs. Patsey is never the same again.

She is raped by epps regularly making her the object of mistress epps jealousy and hatred and thus the recipient of even more brutal treatment. Twelve years a slave was published less than a year after stowe s spectacularly successful fiction.

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