Pea Flower Tea

Butterfly pea flower tea. Blue butterfly pea tea made from the flowers of clitoria ternatea is an amazing drink that has wonderful health benefits and medicinal uses.

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Butterfly pea flower tea is an herbal drink made from dried butterfly pea flowers steeped in water.

Pea flower tea. The butterfly pea clitoria ternatea and lemongrass cymbopogon citratus. Boil 1 cup of water in a saucepan and add the dried flowers. However tea can also be consumed from the butterfly pea plant alone.

Comes from a plant called c litoria ternatea that s native to southeast asia. It can be drunk either hot or cold and is regularly served in thai hotels and upmarket massage outlets. What is butterfly pea tea.

The flower when consumed in the form of tea can solve problems related to anxiety stress eyesight premature ageing loss of collagen from skin. In thailand and vietnam this butterfly blue pea flower tea is commonly mixed with honey and lemon to increase acidity and turn the beverage a pink purple color to produce for a drink usually served after dinner or as a refreshment at hotels and spas. The flowers are deep blue in color with a tinge of purple that colors and flavors the water.

Butterfly pea flower tea is typically made from a combination of two plants. Butterfly pea flower is also called as blue bell vine cordofan pea. Butterfly pea tea is made from dried butterfly pea flower which is full of health promoting antioxidants.

Clitoria ternatea is also known as butterfly pea blue pea aprajita cordofan pea blue tea flowers or asian pigeonwings. Butterfly pea tea is a drink made by infusing the flowers of the butterfly pea plant in hot water much as regular tea is infused to make tea. Butterfly pea tea is a caffeine free herbal beverage which has been used for centuries in southeast asia.

Butterfly pea flower tea commonly known as blue tea is a caffeine free herbal tea or tisane beverage made from a decoction or infusion of the flower petals or even whole flower of the clitoria ternatea plant. Derived from a plant that is common to most south east asian countries butterfly pea flower tea has been brewed for centuries but only recently been introduced to tea. The drink is a typical local drink like chamomile tea is in other parts of the world.

The flower is famous in various asian countries such as burma thailand vietnam malaysia china and india. People use it for cooking ingredients natural food coloring traditional medicines and herbal drinks. Aside from butterfly pea the beverage is also referred to as the blue pea aprajita cordofan pea and the asian pigeonwing.

Strain the mixture and add sugar or honey for taste. This blue butterfly pea tea is also called anchan tea color changing tea clitoria tea thai blue tea blue tea blue chai india and aparajita tea in different parts of the world. Butterfly pea tea has more benefits than the side effects but the herb cannot be co.

Butterfly pea flower tea comes from asian blue pea flower also known as the pigeonwings clitoria ternatea. How to make butterfly flower pea tea if you have fresh butterfly pea flowers then place them on a plate cover with a net and dry in the sun till they turn crisp. Nowadays more people are getting to know the drink and it is becoming famous in all over america.

Steep until the color of the water turns blue.

This Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Recipe Can Be Enjoyed Either Hot Or Cold And Tastes Delicious With Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Galaxy Drink Recipe Drinking Tea

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