Primrose Flower Meaning

The main meanings of primrose flower are. Youth love birth femininity superstition.

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Youth the primrose is a symbol of youth because of its etymology.

Primrose flower meaning. The word primrose comes from the latin word primus this word means first which makes sense if you consider that the primrose flower typically is the first flower to bloom in the early spring. What does primrose mean. Because of this etymology primrose flowers are often seen as representations of youth and everlasting existence.

Primrose flower represents women and various stages of life as it goes through fixed cycles. Primrose flowers have got fairies as their caretakers and it is a symbol of good luck perfect health fresh starts etc. The flower is deemed to be sacred to the goddess of love.

Although the primrose has a simple appearance it has several meanings making it an appropriate gift for various occasions. Meaning and symbolism of the primrose. What is the meaning of primrose flower.

As primrose flower blooms in the early spring they represent youth new beginnings new life or birth. In symbolism this flower represents the following. They also symbolize qualities like purity and honesty.

These flowers are the symbol of clear spirituality filled paths ahead in your life.

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