Shower Head Flow Rate

When it comes to shower heads you ll typically find 2 5 gpm 2 0 gpm 1 8 gpm and 1 5 gpm. The united states uses 1 2 trillion gallons of water annually just for showers.

Shower Head Flow Rate

While many shower head manufacturers advertise low flow products they are in fact producing the standard maximum flow rate of 2 5 gallons per minute gpm set by the energy policy act in.

Shower head flow rate. This is enough to supply residents of new jersey and new york with water for a year. Further large retailers may only sell the lowest flows available to simplify product stocking and shipping requirements and comply with government regulations. To improve the shower flow in the home you need to check appropriately where its strength and force disappear while opening a shower.

Water flow regulations save billions of gallons of water each year while the latest technologies help preserve or even enhance your shower experience. Depending on where you live retailers may only sell shower heads with a maximum of 2 5 gpm 2 0 gpm or 1 8 gpm flow rate. Showering accounts for 17 percent of indoor home water use.

A glorious morning shower is one casualty of this regulatory invasion. Furthermore this shower head flow rate is 2 5 gpm which is quite less compared to the standard use and therefore it helps in conserving water and environment and saving you money on the water bill in the process. How to increase the shower head flow rate quick fix.

The maximum allowable flow rate for a showerhead according to the epa is 2 5 gallons per minute at a water pressure of 80 pounds per square inch but that is not necessarily the average. California has enacted its own legislation limiting the flow rate to 2 0 which will be reduced even further to 1 8 gpm in july 2018. In the united states of america you will see that the shower head high flow rate is 2 5 gallons.

If you re looking for the most pressure go for the 2 5 gpm flow rate unless you are restricted because you reside in california colorado or new york. But there are exceptions such as california. If you head to the delta faucet site you will see a notice about flow restrictors in their showerheads.

However the shower head gpm average is around 2. As we know the water has to cover a long distance up to reach the shower. Again this has been the maximum flow rate since 1992.

Previously shower heads had a standard flow rate of 5 5 gpm. Since 1994 federal regulations have limited shower head manufacturers to a maximum flow rate of 2 5 gallons per minute gpm.

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