Snow In Summer Flower

It has spikes of creamy white flowers that grow in dense clusters at. Snow in summer is a perennial flower that gets its common name from its blooming habit.

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Cerastium tomentosum snow in summer is an herbaceous flowering plant and a member of the family caryophyllaceae it is generally distinguished from other species of its genus by tomentose or felty foliage.

Snow in summer flower. The flowers look like a mounded pile of snow when they are in full bloom and that is where the plant gets its name from. The profusion of white booms mounded atop the plant gives it it s name. Snow in summer melaleuca linariifolia is an australian paperbark and is endemic to parts of queensland and new south wales.

Well drained light acidic chalky alkaline moist height. It s attractive even when not in bloom. As this plant ages it may begin to die out in the middle.

Regular trimming also keeps the foliage compact instead of long and leggy. It blooms profusely in the early summer with a blanket of notched pristine white flowers that suggest a fresh snowfall. Features of the snow in summer plant this perennial plant has silvery white colored flowers that appear in early summer or late spring which are the blooming seasons for this plant.

This native of italy produces mounds of flowers in may june. Because snow in summer typically finishes flowering all at once you can trim back the whole plant at one time. Snow in summer spreads by runners too so keep them trimmed to prevent unwanted growth.

It is a low spreading perennial native to alpine regions of europe. Snow in summer is also known as cerastium mouse ear chickweed and silver carpet. Snow white flower is the snow in summer flowers also called cerastium tomentosum.

Snow in summer has wooly silvery gray green leaves.

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