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Blooming in early to late spring the blossoms are borne atop thin stems adorned with a pair of smooth grass like dark green leaves. Bloom color the pretty flowers have five petals which are typically light pink with prominent dark pink to reddish veins coursing through the petals.

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Spring beauty species claytonia virginica small succulent spring flowering perennial plant of the purslane family portulacaceae native to eastern north america and often planted in moist shady areas of rock gardens.

Spring beauty flower. The stem is light green or slightly reddish green glabrous and rather succulent. They are abundant in some areas rare in others. A spring beauty has white pink or rose colored flowers.

The white to pink petals have pink stripes sometimes pale. The plant usually has a single pair of leaves about halfway up the stem. In early spring dense racemes of star shaped pink tinged white flowers appear and last for about a month.

The flower of the spring beauty is only about 1 2 inch across. Its native range is eastern north america. A similar plant claytonia virginica has much narrower leaves.

This plant is a woodland perennial that produces small flowers in spring. These flowers are among the first to bloom in spring creating a beautiful site among the fallen leaves in the woods. This perennial wildflower is about 3 6 tall consisting of a flowering stem with a pair of opposite cauline leaves and some basal leaves.

Claytonia virginica spring beauty is a charming tuberous perennial boasting loose clusters of small star shaped white to pale pink flowers with delicate pink veins. Claytonia virginica the virginia springbeauty eastern spring beauty grass flower or fairy spud is an herbaceous perennial in the family montiaceae. True to its name the attractive wild flower is a sign of spring and easy to recognize from other spring blossoms.

The flowers are perennials that is they the spring beauty is a north american wild flower. The flowers have pink to purple veins. Thus forage with some local consideration.

The spring beauty also springbeauty is a longtime standard for foragers. Spring beauty or springbeauties claytonia virginica 01 a spring beauty can be identified by its long narrow leaves which spring forth near the ground around the central stock upon which the beauty of the flowers bloom in early spring. It sports grasslike succulent dark green leaves.

The common name spring beauty is obvious. A perennial herb spring beauty usually grows about six inches tall and eight inches wide. Spring beauties grow 6 to 18 inches 15 to 46 centimeters tall.

The petals are pink or white with darker pink veins. Spring beauty is an herbaceous perennial in the montiaceae family. Spring beauty claytonia virginica purslane family portulacaceae description.

It grows to 30 cm 12 inches from a globose corm and produces narrow leaves and a loose cluster of small delicate white flowers tinged with pink. The plant disappears from above the ground soon after the seed capsules have ripened. When spring beauties blossom in large drifts across the landscape the effect is stunning.

The flowers are an important spring source of nectar and pollen to a wide range of pollinators. Its scientific name honors colonial virginia botanist john clayton 1694 1773.

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