Stages Of Flower Growth

The major stages of the flower life cycle are the seed germination growth reproduction pollination and seed spreading stages. The water nutrients and sugars fuel a rapid vegetative growth stage where the plant goes from being a tiny sprout to a mature member of its species.

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The flower s roots stem and leaves all begin to grow during this stage.

Stages of flower growth. For humans the progression is infant toddler adolescent young adult middle aged adult and senior citizen while plants go from seed to sprout then through vegetative budding flowering and ripening stages. Plants lives may be as short as a few weeks or months but they go through distinct changes as they grow just as people do. The most substantial growth over the life cycle of the plant occurs in the vegetative stage and will continue unless hindered by a change in environment or lack of water and nutrients.

Flowers are more than beautiful objects to look at or decorate with. The final stage of the plant growth is the reproductive stage. Stage 2 is the stage when a flower s leaves develop.

Leaves begin as tiny rosettes leaf buds. Leaf development usually begins on day 6 and continues to day 26. As the stem begins growing leaves the development of a flower s primary root structure also culminates usually sometime after day 14.

The length of the growth stage varies with the. The flower continues to grow until it reaches maturity thus continuing the growth cycle. Germination requires warmth and water and happens after the flower s seed has been buried into the soil which has valuable nutrients.

They serve a very important purpose in the reproduction of plants. Third stage reproductive flowering and fruit.

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