State Flower Of North Carolina

The flowering dogwood tree cornus florida grows abundantly throughout the state of north carolina from the high mountain regions to the coastline. The blossom of the dogwood tree cornus florida was designated as the official state flower of north carolina in 1941 the dogwood is one of the most common trees in north carolina found in all parts of the state from the mountains to the coast.

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And the state salamander the marbled.

State flower of north carolina. It is the prevalence of this flowering tree that earned its designation as the state flower of north carolina. Before that this very magazine got an average of five or six letters every week asking about it. North carolina state flower.

The state flower of north carolina is the dogwood tree blossom. Its blossoms which appear in early spring and continue on into summer are most often found in white although shades of pink red are not uncommon. The dogwood is one of the most prevalent trees in our state and can be found in all parts of the state from the mountains to the coast.

Legislators noted the dogwood s ubiquitous presence throughout the state when they designated it as the north carolina state flower in 1941. The dogwood can be found as far west as the mountains throughout the middle piedmont region of the state and all the way to the atlantic coast in the residential suburbs of raleigh durham and charlotte flowers from the dogwood have graced sumptuous gardens for decades. The state fossil the megalodon teeth.

The state flower of north carolina is cornus florida the american or flowering dogwood. Enacted by law in 2013 the newest symbols of north carolina are the state art medium clay. This tree blossoms in the early spring and summer throughout north carolina and the eastern united states.

The first symbol was the seal of north carolina which was made official in 1871. In the fall and winter flowering dogwood bears red berries which are food for birds as well as small mammals such as beavers squirrels and mice. The state frog the pine barrens tree frog.

The state marsupial the virginia opossum. The flowering dogwood also known as cornus florida is a flowering plant which belongs to the family cornaceae. The general assembly of north carolina made it their official state flower in 1941.

The cornus florida or flowering dogwood was named the state flower of north carolina in 1941 native to much of eastern north america it s found. State lawmakers made the dogwood the state flower in 1941 because the people demanded it. It served as the state s only emblem for 14 years until the adoption of the state flag in 1885.

It is native to northern mexico and eastern parts of north america. See full answer below. The original seal also contained the future state motto.

It was officially adopted as the state flower in 1941 by the north carolina general.

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