What Causes Slow Urine Flow In Females

Due to depression or anxiety. When a woman gets a slow urinary flow delay in urinating needing to strain to void completely or a slow or weak urine stream then she is suffering from voiding disorders.

What Causes Urinary Retention In Women Compactcath

Other causes for a weak urine stream in women are listed below.

What causes slow urine flow in females. Depending on the severity of your condition alzheimer s is a known cause of slow urine flow in females. Urinary infections are usually treated with antibiotics such as penicillin or amoxicillin according to the university of colorado. Some affect both men and women while others only affect one sex.

Frequent nighttime urination frequent urination slow or weak urine stream. This is quite a common condition and there are various causes which may lead to reduced urine flow. Nerve damage from accidents.

The reasons for weak urine stream in females can be either of the below mentioned causes. Severe inflammation in genitals. Voiding dysfunction can be due to nerve dysfunction non relaxing pelvic floor muscles or both.

Pain or discomfort pain with sexual intercourse female slow or weak urine stream tenderness to touch. Weak urine stream women. Antidepressants like oxybutynin detrusitol and certain other medications.

Severe inflammation in genitals. After a harsh delivery. Due to diabetic neuropathy or injury in the spinal cord.

Webmd symptom checker helps you find the most common medical conditions indicated by the symptoms decreased urination and slow or weak urine stream and including dehydration children acute. Some of the most common causes include. This results in the flow of the urine becoming slow and improper and the urine does not flow out freely.

Slow or weak urine stream sudden urge to urinate urine leaking incontinence discharge from penis slow or weak urine stream testicular pain. There is a wide range of possible causes of urinary hesitancy. Nerve problems nerve problems can also cause a weak urinary stream.

Sometimes what happens is that the urinary passage through which the urine comes out gets blocked for some reason. A variety of medical conditions cause slow urine flow including urinary infection a prolapsed bladder urinary retention and voiding dysfunction. Evaluation by a clinician may include tests such as uroflowmetry post void residual and pressure flow studies.

Voiding dysfunction is also classified as being caused by either underactivity of the bladder detrusor or outflow urethra.

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