When Is Orthodox Christmas 2021

Read about orthodox christmas around the world in 2021. Wish upon a shooting star.

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Many orthodox christians annually celebrate christmas day on or near january 7 to remember jesus christ s birth described in the christian bible.

When is orthodox christmas 2021. Orthodox christmas 2021 2022 and 2023 the celebration of christmas in ukraine is based on the julian calendar which is 13 days behind the gregorian calendar. Please scroll down to end of page for previous years dates. This event commemorates the story of jesus christ s birth according to the christian bible.

Orthodox christmas day for the year 2021 is celebrated observed on thursday january 7th. New year s eve 31 12 2020 new year s day 01 01 2021 new year s day 2 02 01 2021 orthodox christmas day 07 01 2021. When is orthodox christmas eve.

According to the julian calendar it is celebrated on 25th december. According to the julian calendar used prior to gregorian calendar the day falls on december 25th each year. The orthodox church recognises 7th january as the day that jesus was born meaning orthodox christmas eve is observed on 6th january.

Many orthodox churches annually celebrate christmas day on or around january 7. Wed jan 6 2021 armenia. Orthodox christmas day or merry christmas orthodox 2021 is going to celebrate on thursday and the date will be the 7th of january.

Elsewhere in the world christmas is celebrated on december 25th. Elsewhere in the world christmas eve is celebrated on 24th december. Holidays before and after orthodox christmas day 2021 serbia.

Orthodox christmas day 2021. Instead of the gregorian calendar this day will be on the 7th of january. The orthodox church recognises january 7th as the day that jesus was born.

Thu jan 7 2021 20 countries.

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