Wildwood Flower Chords

I long to see him and regret the dark hour d g he s gone and neglected his pale wildwood flower. Wildwood flower chords by june carter cash.

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Wildwood flower chords. Author dreameater1988 a 60. Wildwood flower key c c capo on 4th fret intro guitar and banjo play the verse tune and chords g d g x2 g c g g d g verse 1 g d g i will twine with my mingles of raven black hair g d g with the roses so red and the lilies so fair. Pick the wildwood flower by johnny cash features his mother in law mother maybelle carter on guitar.

She had a music career over 50 years long and was the creator of the carter scratch. This is the johnny cash version. Intro g c f g c verse 1 c f those cotton fields were hot and that tractor never was my kind of living d g and when i hit sixteen i had my size and i hit the road to freedom c f and i m glad i wasn t there to see my momma cause she must ve cried for hours c g c i still hear her saying to me get your guitar and pick the wildwood flower bridge c g c verse 2 f now memphis was big and it.

G c g the myrtle so bright with it s emerald dew d g and the pale and the leader and eyes look so blue. Wildwood flower the carter family verses c g7 c i will twine and will mingle my raven black hair c g7 c with the roses so red and the lilies so fair c f c and the myrtle so. 1 contributor total last edit on jan 20 2020.

Maybelle carter was a country music legend.

Wildwood Flower Traditional Guitar Chord Chart In C Major Wildwood Flower Guitar Chord Chart Ukulele Chords Songs

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